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What did kids do with their fingers before texting was invented ?

Where do kids get all their energy from? .......The "net" ?  / ...Red Bull in nursery ??

Why must all two year olds always get what they want ? 

Why do women drivers never flash their headlights to warn you of a police speed trap ????

Why do men drivers have to get so close to the back of your neck ???? 

Why do all the kids get up at 7am, ONLY on Saturday and Sunday mornings ??

  Why do all traffic wardens look so constipated?

Why do little boys continue to throw stones  daily on our beautiful lawn??

  Why do little boys persistently pee every where except IN the toilet bowl ????

  Why do kids like getting soaked in the rain while having a coat in their school bag ? 

Why do babies stop crying INSTANTLY when you pick them up ??

  Joseph wants to know "Why did God make Vampires??"

  James wants to know "Why is school still so (Bloody) BORING ??"

  Joe ( 22) wants to know "Why do I feel better after having my hair (singular) cut???"

David (15 ) wants to know "Why do 8 girls fancy me?"  I could answer that one but I won't....delusional?? .

Joe (22)  ... again ... " When will I be allowed to graduate from having my Coco Pops in a plastic bowl ??"

  Ciaran (9) " Who has  my glasses ?"

Anonymous  "Why does everybody have at least one mean friend ?" 

(If you can't think of some one immediately then maybe it's you !!)

  An un-named observer wants to know " Why are all pony tailed men such wimps?" 

  Anonymous.... again  "Why do..... most.... women get acute.... severe......... unpredictable............ attacks of  HOUSE  RAGE ??? "  

  A word of warning to all you kids out there : Never let your mum brush your hair just after she has had a row with your dad !!!

  Another word of warning , never get a cordless phone or you will spend the rest of your life looking for it !!!

  Why does granny get so many text messages?

  Joe (yet again) Why do I have to answer the phone when it is never for me????

  Granny again, what the hell is a " Muggle" ??? 

  Why are small men so angry?

  Is Santa on e-mail?

Why are weekly £10 top up cards for the mobile phone necesary? (all parents requested this one !!)


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