Liam and Jacki Wedding 1 Sept 2005

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The venue was Ascain in the beautiful South of France
It is part of the Basque country with much heritage and many proud traditions
When Fergus is not cycling around the world he has a summer job as a flying matadore !!
Notre Dame Church built in 1632

Mary is tickled pink and confided in me that she is now almost 27 years old,I had wrongly guessed 29 !!!!

Fergus smiles to himself as he thinks "I'll surely get a girlfriend with this big box of new Euros"
Looks like fergus has struck lucky !!!! (money talks??)
The Boys are looking very expectant ...for a change !!!
The long wait is almost over ..........for Bill
The majestic bride arrives with her proud father Hughie
The Pageboy has just fallen in love and is overcome with emotion !!
The ring is nearly on the finger ...a big sigh of relief all round the world !!!
Proud parents come down from the altar with Father Seamus
Father Seamus informs Liam that he is now a married Man...Liam says "You cannot be serious" in a John MacEnroe style
The new Glynn family ( Mary.... pay attention...look at Joe!!!)
The brand new Gallagher Family
The Fort William Clan are here cause trouble !!!
Lets hit for The High Chapperal !!
Bill and Jacki give us a Basque dance
Mary has the "hots " for the wee guy with the beret !!!
John plays a blinder as chief MC( Hammer !! )
France's answer to Pavorotti.... what a voice...stand back !!
The cake is stabbed with conviction by Liam and Jacki
Fergus gave a speech ........ZZZZZZZ....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we all nearly missed our flights home two days later !!!! (I was tempted to arrange a Tour de Ascain to divert him!!!)
Hughie "the leaning Tower of Gweedore" !!!
Jacki is finally falling for Liam !!!
Jacki gives a "Jean Butler" demo !!!
Majella and Elaine give us an absolutely fantastic exhibition

Look closely and you will see Fergus' foot next to the lady in the green bikini !! ..........

.and ......ever optimistic our Fergus.....

Andrea on the right is ignoring Marian ..who continues to reassure Andrea "Don't worry Eamonn is probably just gone to the........the gym"
Finally our new Nanny recruited in Biarritz !!! (Sssh .....Liz doesn't know yet )
Liam surprises Jacki with his gift of a new sports car !!!

Time for the Dolomites

YES , believe it or not the honeymooners have already reached great heights !!!

Note the matching red hats and ......gloves(singular).....unity in fashion ....a worrying sign for all you single men out there !!!!

Jacqui is Donegal's answer to Nicole Kidman !! Who is the lucky man ???