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Scotland's youngest taxi driver
(David assures me that he is now 7 years old)


The Thomson Campion Family


A crowd suddenly appears from behind the bushes !!


The Campion Cork team


Happiness is..........going to Norway ??


Roisin and Ellie-Maeve friends at last !!

The Holland Squad with anchor man David


The Thomson team


Billy warms up..for his speech


Don't mess with the Karate Kid....Bruce( Mike) Lee

Poetry in motion ...Majestic Mercedes


Margaret Rose welcomes Mike
(but there is a big long list of preconditions !!)

Young Mr Thomson shakes off the cobwebs

Esther dances with her Dad


She is thinking "I hope Joe asks me to dance soon"


"Did you hear Esther and Mike got married".... "You cannot be serious !!"

The new Thomson triangle dance is launched .

Billy "I think I need some more Luco..za...de "

Baby Billy can't hold his drink (unlike his dad!!)

Roisin gives Mike some dancing lessons !!



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