Elaine and Noel's Wedding

15 Oct 2005

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Cian is pageboy
Miriam arives with a smile .....
Elaine and John arrive in style
The ring is finally on the finger !!
You light up my life ???
The Lyons family has a new addition..cheer up Noel !!
Who invited the POPE !!
The full squad Tangneys and Lyons'
Noel with his parents
Hey Noel ...get ready for take off !!!
Elaine and Noel with Grandparents
Happy Days
The Convent Garden
The Bride gets Rowdy afer a few drinks !!
The wedding cake !!!
Bernard is mobbed by adoring fans !!!
"Show me the way to go home" .....as soon as possible
Jacki and John reach a new high note !!
The next morning all smiles !!
The three Tenors !!!


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