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Vol 1 No. 10 Dec 2005

Followed by a ...FAT FROG !!!!

Hello to everybody,

Hope you are all keeping well as we are here in "bonny Scotland". The boys are changing fast with Aoife holding her own no problem !!. She is in her third year at school and enjoys it. David, James & Ronan are never out of these msn chat rooms talking to their school friends who they saw an hour earlier They are all without girl- friends at present, David and James anyway but they seem to work only on this agenda. With David going to college in Sept. 06 he will have free reign. James is also sitting exams in June so he occassionally puts his head in a book. Ronan is growing up fast and became a teenager in October and stayed up until 4am at his cousins

wedding!!!Ciaran is really enjoying his last year in primary school and its hard to believe that next year he will be heading to high school.
Joseph is as like his Dad as ever and enjoys art and music probably better than football. Aoife is full of mischief and gives her Dad and all her brothers the complete run around but not her Mum however!!! All our families are keeping well and many new cousins were born. All going well Martin and Kerry will have twins for Christmas a lovely christmas present. Eoin my godchild was born in April.
Joe is working hard but there have been changes especially in the out of hours, it is now shift work on the whole but they still do a fair amount. The new surgery has finally started so it will be all change in about 15 months.
I am working still in the local hospital in the A/E department and it remains very interesting

and enjoyable most of the time!We have had some visitors this year and it was great as usual to catch up with people. It was lovely to see the Humms from New Zealand and meet Katy Danny and Jasmine. Lots of our family came including Joe's mum who babysat for us while we went to a friends wedding in the south of France. We were away for nearly 4 days and it was just great and the wedding was amazing. Joe's mum did a fantastic job and we would love to have her more often. Well no more news really do have a great Christmas and a lively lovely 2006.
Best wishes
P.S.Fort William is now the "outdoor capital" of Britain and has much to offer including skiing walking and cycling and lots more.The world downhill mountain biking championships are here in 2007.

Joseph made his communion this year in May and looked really good in his kilt !!


....TEXT H5 N1 NOW !!!!!
Read this vital fact sheet quickly while there is still time for you to save yourself and all your "loved" ones(this I'm afraid excludes parrots budgies,canaries,and any caged little creature with wings !!) Usually turkeys are the only ones with sheer panic written on their faces as we approach Christmas but this year the whole of Europe is paralysed with fear and gripped with a feeling of impending doom and death.The Bird Flu approaches and just in case I happen to get it myself ...I hear some of you say already ..."I wish" then you would not have to endure this annual torture...I have made contingency plans ..a distant relation is hiding in the foothills of West Kerry ....that's him in the photo below....I warned him not to make eye contact with the chicken at any time ...or..instant death would follow ....I think he got the message !!!

He has a laptop ready to write next year's newsletter in the event that I'm on a ventilator !!!
Now for the vital survival rules
1. Do not talk to any strange birds
2.Never take a lift from a strange bird
3.Never take sweeties from a strange bird
4. Never ever go home with a strange bird even after a few pints, I mean especially after a few pints
5.Never ever kiss a bird however inviting and voluptous their lips or shiny glossed beak might appear


Now a few Do's
1. Do "ruffle some feathers" right now before you die with regret..
2. Do "wing it" if a serious argument breaks out
3.Do kill the seagull perched in the garden tree before it kills you
4. Do avoid getting involved in any" fowl play" however inviting it might be
5 Do ask (tactfully) your chickens' friends if they are unwell before they come for a sleepover.

The Guinness Toucons are of course immune to the bird does that mean that all of the Irish around the world are also immune ????

It must be true has to be true... The luck of the Irish...again

The message is simple just drink some more Guinness to boost your immunity !!!


Liz and Joe are currently about to be crowned the
"Tri Nations Wedding Champions" !! The wedding tour is exhausting and began with an "away" wedding in the South of France.It was a fantastic wedding and a great few days in a beautiful setting. Then another away venue in County Kerry"The Kingdom" when we went to my niece's wedding and we
had a really enjoyable day with all the clan in tow. The kids enjoyed the whole day and behaved reasonably well .....I think !!! Except for the "Fat Frog " drinkers ...They know... Next wedding will be here in Scotland and we are awaiting the publishers phone call for the review !!!
Bernard my brother was in top form for Elaine our niece's wedding. He was in his Bon Jovi mode and shook his head at every opportunity while playing his imaginary guitar !!! His scant grey hair is not quiet in keeping with the Bon Jovi Boys and we will get

him a wig for Christmas and a guitar ?????
The photo shows him being mobbed by adoring fans ...all drunk needless to say !!!!! James tried to compete
with his solo version of "Flower of Scotland " Say no more !!!!


Ciaran, Joseph and Aoife all went through a long Tamagotchi phase this year !
Apparently these little gadgets can have babies. This is frightening news to any parent and as Aoife is now 7 years I still consider her a bit too young to be parent !!!

I have yet to find one of these babies so I hope have escaped from our house !!!
They can also connect to each other ....amazing news and the kids spend endless hours playing games !!! Aoife then moved on to the latest Gameboy SP ...which will keep her busy for a few days before the next latest fad arrives !!


David decided to avoid going to Ireland this summer with the rest of his family as now 17 years old it is not remotely cool to be seen anywhere near one's parents !! The funding of course involved the same parents being avoided!! He did however work in the local Morrisons supermarket. The fish counter was his specialty and he will never eat anything that swims ever again.!! A friend went with David and they stayed in a hostel . He came back paler than he went out and I suspect he didn't see a ray of sunshine !! I wonder why?????
David did well in the Higher exams and currently is in sixth year. he hopes to go and study PE or sports science next Sept. He is talking about going to New Zealand next summer??
Skiing is the plan but ...
In June James was in goals for the Mac Tavish Cup shinty final. It was a close match against Lovatt which went to penalties !!! Nerve racking stuff and James saved a penalty

(the ball hit his elbow ) and Fort William won the cup. Of course James milked his glorious save as much as posible for weeks on end. Also he was in the U-14 team who won the Scottish Shinty Championship with a 6-1 victory against Oban . David and James were in the U -17 Scottish final but were beaten !!!

James got some work experience in the "bog" this summer in Galway . He was drafted in to help his cousin Keith and a few more young lads to help Grandad Slattery. As luck would have it... the hottest day of the year !!!So the boys were cooking

and gasping with the thirst !! But still able to give plenty of cheek !!
James has vowed to stay at school as long as possible and never ever mention the word BOG again !!! So a good lesson was learned !!!

The small boys all had a job out the garden this year with a new garden fence 66ft x 6ft to paint. Also the walkway in the wild half of the garden was finally finished so more painting !!! We have a new polytunnel for Joe to hide and retain his sanity when the noise levels get too much !! The tunnel will also be handy for guests who like gardening !!


Our trip to Norway in April was fantastic with spectacular scenery and great weather. Esther and Mike were in great form. Torp to Hjemeland is 7 hours of the windiest road ever seen !! Beautiful scenery on the way but dangerous roads narrow and some heavy traffic coming against us most of the way. Frozen lakes abound and stav kirk churches . We arrived at Esther's 10pm exhausted, Aoife and Ronan vomited with a half hour to go . A short ferry to end the voyage. Esther Mike and Co all delighted to see us and plenty of room in their new house . Wood everywhere, ceilings, floors walls,even the tables and chairs !Norway is a nation of wood !! Then a day trip to Stavanger . The ferry trip is only 40 minutes. It is a pretty city with
narrow cobble stone streets. Then off to Geilo and a 4 hour trip but spectacular scenery on the way and not so bendy. The last hour was through a lunar snow laden landscape which was peaceful with 3-4 feet of snow everywhere. Simply awesome and the excitement builds as we approach our destination !!Arrived 3.30in Torsetlia and too late for skiing as it closes at 3.30. A great wooden cabin with lots of room ,4 bedrooms and a hot tub !!! David gives Liz and I our first ski lesson out side the front door . Snow plough and how to get up a hill walking sideways.

Next day(Sat) we are off to Geilo for the first day skiing. A quick lesson for Liz and I from Kirstie our Swedish instructor !!! An hour was just too short as she put out her hand to help me off the snow …..heaven had arrived ……unfortunately she said she was not interested when I mentioned our vacant nanny job !!! Perhaps she will ring me up some day when she realises her mistake !!! The nursery slope for the day as Aoife whizzed past us like a little natural !!! The boys were simply gone off out of sight and we met up for lunch. Exhausted we all went back to the cabin at 4.30 and into the hot tub. Aches and pains were yet to set in as all those falls were taking their toll !!! Sun as sunny beautiful day as we went across the road to Vestila which was great.


A gentler nursery slope and improvement for the oldies!! The after noon back to Geilo and late afternoon a fall for moi and a heavy left knee injury. Too fast and tried to stop ouch !! A few more runs and that was it. The medial meniscus had enough !!
Hobble home and limping after that !! Last day for skiing Mon back to Geilo The boys tried a sledge which they enjoyed .
Tues up at 7am and on the road for 8.20 , Torp in 3 1/2 hours and reasonable road Ryanair on time and we took off early ……back home before 6pm all tired but refreshed !! Hips , knees , triceps all ache …still…but we are eagerly awaiting the new season

A selection of just some of our many visitors 2005


The Coughlan Celtic Team .....Party !!!  
The Siderfins "Sound of Music" !!
The Thumb Wrestling Team are ready   .....Humm...Humm....The Kiwi Kids
Friends reunited
Maggie's young men