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Vol 1 No. 11 Dec 2006

Ninetendo Wii.....Where are you !!

Hello to everybody,

Hope you are all well as we are here in Scotland. There are changes but on the whole everything is much the same as last year. We are now into our 11th year having arrived in 1995 its the longest time we've stayed in one place and I think thats us mainly due to the fact that its close to Ireland, the boys are settled and we're also very happy here.
David has just started University in Edinburgh doing Physical Education for the next 4 years not that you will gleam that from Joe's rambling thesis, and despite money and exams problems he's still in 7th heaven. He is enjoying the course and it suits him perfectly.

James is shinty mad and plays it constantly but its finished for the season and as he is doing his highers this year study will have to feature. He can now eat an apple by biting it and is delighted as he has just had his braces off.
Ronan is getting very tall and is now also bigger than his mum. His social life is his top priority and going out with his pals the highlight of his weekend.
Ciaran started High school this September and has settled in very well. He is enjoying it better than primary school he tells us regurlarly. He has made new friends and Jordan is also in his class having returned from Kuwait.
Joseph is in P6 and has just played Silent Night on the piano for the Christmas concert. The victorious shinty team is no longer as only Arran and Joseph remain along with one or two others.

The younger ones are doing ok and they won one of their recent matches in their last tournament. The team included Aoife so they need to grow a bit. However what she lacks in size she makes up for in sheer grit and determination!! Aoife is really looking forward to Santa and now that she is 8 it comes with many questions.!!

Joe's practice will be moving to their big new premises next May and everybody is looking forward to the move. He is busy at work as usual with lots of changes.

I continue to work in the local A/E 18 hours a week which is busy most of the time with lots of trauma etc.

Well no more news really we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a great new year. Liz xx


Fort William to Chamonix is only 1250 miles and 22 ½ hours travelling by car !!
Not without incident needless to say !!!

April 2006
Off we set at 10pm on Thurs night with the car loaded to the hilt. Roof box and ski bag secured the preferred seating arrangement was now the first "discussion" (ie a big fight) and we were still in our own driveway !!! Only 12 hours to go …..a long time when you are in a war zone !!!
540 long miles only…. We got to Ashford in Kent in one piece and settled for the night. Up early next morning as we hit for Eurotunnel which is super. 40 min later we are on a French motorway heading south…now only 700miles to go !!! The in car DVD saved the day…. as "Tom Tom" our car navigation was given a day off at times !! Liz loves to pick a fight with Tom Tom and repeatedly give it a hard time.
Liz accused me of being totally ruled by gadgets and I should use a map ….and on and ..
  The key collection was an Aneka Rice Treasure Hunt job as we got to Chamonix at about 7.45 and the keys had to be collected before 8pm when the office closed……..or a £30 penalty and no place to stay !! The boot was down as we sped on the motorway with Liz (the whiz) broke her previous land speed records ..which I won't mention in case one of the “Gendarmes” which we managed to shake off is reading this !!!So a race against the clock as David and myself eventually found the hidden office with seconds to go before the 8pm deadline!! The apartment was great lots of room and in the middle of town. So we were near all the shops and even a MacDonalds was spotted !!

As we looked out the front window next morning the huge mountain was breathtaking. The French Alps are simply spectacular and awesome !!

The boys were all excited with the view and prospect of skiing in these huge mountains. So off we set car full and found Le Flegere within about 5 min of the apartment. Ski passes for all and Joe 1000 Euro lighter we were in a cable car with 55 others packed in like sardines going up in a very vertical fashion. Not for the faint hearted !!
The snow and scenery was awesome and the boys were out of sight in seconds leaving Liz and Joe still trying to get their skiis on !!!

But not to worry a few minutes later Joe was on the slippery slope down and could not find his brakes !!! Ouch Ouch the memories of Norway came flooding back ….caution ..caution…remember “Snow Plough” put your toes pointing inward ..heels outward …dislocate both hips …have your dangly bits in a very vulnerable position …stick your bum in the air...and hope to god that you can stop before going over a 1550 foot cliff and die …with at least a good echo the other skiers smile with absolutely no sympathy !!!

Beginners are a nuisance on the slopes so beware they would snowboard over your face if necessary in fact probably just for the fun of it be warned before you …die or nearly die on a steep slope which for a beginner is like jumping off the Empire state building with two little walking sticks in your hands and two shiny planks of plastic tied on to your feet with these massively heavy big buttoned boots which are lead lined to give you acceleration ..just in case you don't built up enough speed to scare the daylights out of you as you plunge into the unknown !!! (

I forgot to mention ..don't forget to go to the toilet before you set off as there are no toilet stops as you race at 5G down hill and all bodily functions are difficult to control as you approach certain death)
Those trousers called salopets don't have any zips in locations where one would normally find a zip …so allow extra time for spending a euro or two …..

Team Tangney
Time for a quick break
The "Big boys" make their escape !!
“Le Docteur Joe has f…up the Toe”

Day 3 le Savoy button toe disaster …the cries of anguish could be heard throughout the Chamonix valley all 15 miles “Le Docteur Joe has f…up the Toe” ie .don't let go in fact NEVER let go just as you are near an overhead wheel or it will jamb and cause the toe to stop …the other skiers will dismember you limb by limb if the red outfit boiler suit ski instructors don't get you first take off your ski boots and just run as fast as you can …a .quick exit or you will be dead !!

I still get flashbacks as I hide underneath our car and the boys with the big red ski boots are just inches away from my little trembling fingers….I hold my breath …one exhalation would give away my hiding place …my life hangs by a droplet of condensation…the suitors stamp their big red hobnail ski boots with disgust as they cry “he must die ! “ Die “ Die”” as they raise their sharpened ice axes in the air …they must have Viking ancestors and a salopet wedgie strangulation would be a good option…

. Now some essential ski jargon !!
Parallel turns “ ie both legs going the same direction at the same time amazing stuff ..for a change.

Carving” for the show offs …the whole idea of this is so the guy behind you can read your ski brand as you twist and turn to the on looking crowd of posers.

Powder” Just smile as you say this they will know what you mean

360”… “580”…. “960”… any number you like once it is an even number if you ask me!!
Chairlift ….hazard ….beware and move quickly or get a bop on the back of your head !!!

Liz the Poser !!

Boiler suit men are looking for "Le Docteur" !!


St Mary's Historic Shinty Victory
Wed May 10 2006 a date to remember !!
St Mary's shinty team make history as they win for the first time the Scottish North Primary Schools final in sunny Kiltarity near Beauly.
It was a beautiful evening and the "Tangney Tours" supporters bus was packed to capacity. A vital stop for ice cream in Drumnadrochid to cool the nerves !! The expectations were low as we had heard that they were
a “big” team so the psychological intimidation had begun !! After a journey of nearly an hour and a half we arrived and the enemy were all there togged off awaiting our arrival. Our keen supporters were vociferous and urged on the team at every opportunity. St Mary's were under siege for the first 10 min and man of the match Jack Fraser made some brilliant saves to keep them in the match. They improved as the half wore on and 0-0 at half time was a fair score. The St Mary's supporters were relieved to hear the whistle at half time and anxiously awaited the second half in this nerve wrecking encounter. Their optimism was tranferred to the players who knew a single score could decide this epic match.
Strath scored early in the second half but almost immediately "wee" Raymond scored an equalizer.
Then it was up and down the field and Aaron scored
the goal of the match with a high 20 yrd drive into

the left hand top corner. Unbelievable !!
St Mary's now had the upper hand and Aaron scored a third with 10 minutes to go. The pressure was now on and Strath tried everything in their power but could not break down St Mary's solid defence. Ciaran played a blinder in defence and Joseph also did well .So they defeated the favourites Strathpeffer 3-1 in a thrilling encounter. Our supporters invaded the pitch and were dancing with joy in this unexpected historic victory for St Mary's.
The North vs South final was played on May 13, Joseph's birthday and alas our team never got going. Perhaps the celebrations were taking their toll on their weary little bodies !! Park of Oban won 5-0 and it was a game of two halves. 4-0 in the first half as they had an outstanding centre no.6 who controlled the whole game. They were better the second half and park only scored 1 goal. The MacKay Cup sadly goes South. The highs and lows of a week in shinty!! Certainly, it was a very exciting few days and we all enjoyed the great occasion !!!
The cheerleaders are out in force
St Mary's Shinty team
David leaves home last !!!

Sat 9 th Sept
Joe and David head off into the sunset after a flurry of activity all sat morning. Car full and we rush down to arrange the flat , etc etc. We have a wok. toaster, iron which David hardly recognises , dishes , tea towels you name it we have got it all in the car !!Ready to go at last Ronan and Ciaran are down at squash, James away at the final of the Sutherland Cup in Beauly , Liz of course had some very last minute ironing to do and sent David off with half the house !! They make up and are friends again after the big hurly burley.
Joseph as he munched his rice crispies says he will miss David but not in a very convincing fashion !!!
Aoife said she would not miss him at all !!.

The journey down was full of anticipation as David was excited with the prospect of staying in the halls as several of his friends are already there. I had a “Powow” with him on the way down warning him of the dangers of drink drugs rock n roll and sex …..the order chosen was purely arbitrary …also not to spend all his money foolishly was given a brief mention !!!
We arrive about 3pm and the place was heaving….a huge queue of cars as we try to turn into Pollock halls at least 1000yrds and at a snails pace. We finally get through the security man and park to one side . Off into reception to try and sort out the flat so we are sent downstairs as we are complicated !!! Eventually we get sorted and I sign direct debits etc
One can see the little wry smile as one hands over these signed forms !! Another one bites the dust !! We emerge triumphant and head for Ewing House. More signing of forms and we get the key.We find the room but low and behold the key will not work so back over to reception for a replacement.


This time the key works so we enter the room which is fine. Then we haul all the gear up and David talks to Yan and say he has fallen in love about 7 times and this was before we got out of the car …all 10 minutes in the campus !!! The campus is absolutely packed as about 2000 students are all arriving together. The scene is awesome with all sorts of expectant looking parents and students arriving.
The one consistent feature is the extremely worried look on all the father's faces as the are about to leave their precious little daughters in this student safari park which is absolutely full of red hot predators all ready to pounce at any moment !!!
So Aoife if you are listening, I am prepared for this day in another 10 years !!!
Anyway David wanted me off out of the way and the only thing left for me to do was to empty my wallet…David was in generous mood and let me keep 50p for an ice cream on the way home !!! I got the message and we parted …no tears for either of us and pure relief on my side as we will no longer have to worry about him coming in the window at home at 4am drunk !!! He did say in a hushed tone hoping that I would not hear that there was a big freshers pub crawl on that night with cheap booze 30p a pint …at that price I was tempted to stay with David for the above event but he clearly did not want me with him ….no reason given …..maybe it's not cool to have your Dad hang out with you in college !!!
So off I went for the long journey back all alone, peaceful and content in the knowledge that David was now safely heading for a cheap pint !!! I had all the options covered as the wok and the toaster were still all in the car so I had a quick stir fry near Stirling ….and sneak all the cooking gear back into the house and hope that Liz would not notice!!!
David has since settled into student life with great gusto and has had a hectic social life to put it mildly !!
He has finished his first term and survived the exams we hope !! . Only another three years to go more news later !!

Aoife wins prize in art competition Film festival


Confirmation Time Aoife meets the Bishop


James our new Shinty Star !!!

James wins a Sutherland Cup medal with the Fort William second team as they beat Glenorchy 6-1. This is the cup for the up and coming players first established in 1923. James has to be patient for his regular team place ..still only 15 so plenty of time.
The programme read “ James Tangey(15) Student. Up and coming starlet, has been superb when given the opportunity to play this season and will almost certainly be a regular fixture in the team next year. Shows great awareness for his young age and will be one to watch in the future “
I am sure James wrote it all himself !!!
In December James won an award for the most improved player of the year. The second team won their league and were unbeaten all season. James formerly known affectionately as "brace face " by his siblings will now need a new nickname as he had his braces removed in Dec. Any suggestions welcome...

James and the lads show off the trophies!!
High School Graduation Time

Why does Mrs McCalum look so scared ??

The Steps of the Stairs are moving !!


The cheer is visible as they all line up on the first morning back to school!!
Ciaran started High School in Aug.


Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh ....get ready for an invasion !!
Joseph meets the sabre toothed tiger !!
Ciaran plays it cool !!
Joseph our little climber nears the top with ease. Aoife gives me a wink.."don't worry dad..I have a helmet on ..and it's only 15 metres " !!!

Ciaran shows off his MP3 to cousin Ailbhe

Guess Who ???

A selection of just some of our many visitors 2006


Pamela, Damien and Jane
Michael and Riona head for the hills.
Ellie Maeve with Joseph and Aoife
Matthew meets his Scottish cousins
Billy from Norway says "Can somebody please get me out of this madhouse now"
John and Ruth settle in well.